These are my running thoughts as I watch the UNC vs Duke game.  This is me raw and uninhibited.  It’s always fun to go back a read how bias I am as a Duke fan, verse me being a sports professional.  These are literally the thoughts that come into my head, only changes made are editing

  1. Kennedy Meeks needs to give up the beard if he can’t get a better connection.  That chin strap is struggling and will only get worse as he gets older.
  2. Speaking of Meeks I like Duke forcing him to defend one on one around the rim.  Great way to get him into foul trouble early in the game.  Crazy to root against this kid since I actually remember him being born.  I hope I get to cover him in the professional ranks one day.
  3. Jay Williams is legitimately one of the greatest college players of all time.  Hands time, shame he didn’t have a chance in the NBA but he has made some lemonade for reals.
  4. Allen is such a physical player is he helping or hindering with the ankle injury.  He brings shot range to the team, but his ability to cut inside to the basket is going to be hampered.
  5. Damn it Kinnard is special
  6. Is this Duke team the most disappointing?  With the talent we have, this should have been a year ranked in the top 10 consistently and they should have been looking to receive a 1 seed in the tournament.
  7. Should Duke try to make a run in the ACC or use it as practice and rest up at home and develop a stronger team Chemistry.  Realistically if the tournament doesn’t have a significant holding on your NCAA ranking and your team is ailing, is resting the best answer?  I assume whatever K decides is the right one because he is the Master of this game.
  8. If feel like this rivalry have lost alot of the flair due to players being one and done.  There’s no chance to develop the deep seeded animosity between players if their only around for a year.  This series needs at least 4-5 games invested to really feel the tension on the court.
  9. Luke Kinnard is such a great player and I don’t know if the country realizes this.  He does so much on the court.
  10. Justin Jackson has an awareness underneath the basket that is deadly for any team.  He plays almost like he is weightless.
  11. Duke has to have a presence underneath the basket, it kills us not to be able to drive to the basket or rebound underneath.
  12. Joel Berry looks like an athletic Jason Derulo and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing…..sorrynotsorry!
  13. I regret the nice thing I said about Joel Barry score is 40-39 Blue Devils
  14. The refs really trying to keep it interesting for the ratings I guess.  Eh its at UNC they need life breathed into the Dean Dome I guess
  15. I need to get back to trading stocks online…. good marketing dollars Charles Schwab.
  16. Not a flagrant foul on Allen, Robinson put himself in that position when he pushed off of Allen, however the game does have a physical element to it.  I would have called it that way on either side.  It is only being discussed because of Allen’s history.  Embrace the bad guy Grayson and keep playing.
  17. Damn it somebody who can guard pick up Berry, seriously 5 for freaking 5 come on man!
  18. Duke does not need to go into the half down by less than 4.  Not with the way Berry is playing, however not sure if he can sustain the hot hands.
  19. Kinnard yes!
  20. Watching this game on a 65in Samsung 4k Super HD television is the next best thing beside being there live.  The blue is so blue….really 5 secs. Bullshit

Ok  20 thoughts for 20 mins of basketball. I’m going to watch the rest of the game, with a beer. Good Night folks.


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