An hour and a half difference

An hour and a half could be the difference maker for the Charlotte Hornets.  That’s the amount of time they have to possibly make a trade and capitalize off the upcoming trade deadline.  The problem is the Hornets made trade, one of horrendous proportion  last month. It hasn’t paid off and left the budget in no man’s land. I don’t know why Rich Cho made the trade for Miles Plumlee, he was injured and wouldn’t make a immediate impact on a team that deeply needed energy and wins injected into their record. Plumlee is the the first year of a 50 million dollar deal, ugh that one stings.

Sitting at 24-32 I believe the Hornets are better off bowing out of the free agency for now and focusing on possibly a blockbuster deal this summer.  The Hornets more than likely will continue their 11 game skid locking up hopefully a Top 10 draft pick. Then maybe the only re accessing that needs to be done is the front office.  I will give Cho credit he brought Courtney Lee in at the right time to get the Hornets into playoff contention, but as it has been since 2002 the Hornets flamed out in the first round. Mediocrity seems to be accepted for this NBA organization and let’s be honest no matter how many times you change the name, these don’t feel like the Hornets of old.  The city deserves a Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, hell I’ll take a Vlade Divac (not the one that gives away DeMarcus Cousins).

I can’t say the Hornet are on the brink of losing the city because realistically they never had it, but in an hour in half if they can’t put together a deal that brings a scorer to the Charlotte, in the words of my good friend Elsa….”Let it Gooooooo”.  I’m not saying tank the season, but there’s not much sting left in Buzzcity.


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