I am so sorry, how dare I start this blog site and then not even follow through keeping my non existent fans entertained.  It has literally been over a year since I last posted.  So much has happened in the world of Sports.  My Panthers gave away the Super Bowl and then gave away the following season.  This year I went to the Pro Bowl I met the guy who single handled took the Super Bowl away from Cam Newton, Vonn Miller and I didn’t give him the finger, look at how much I have grown.

The funny thing is I’ve been writing people.  I did write ups for WFNZ and Power 98, so my opinions are out there, but I want to focus on my blog more so I’m back.

The Patriots won another Super Bowl, Brady brought his team back from being down 25 points to win his 5th Super Bowl and pretty solidify the fact, I will have to talk about him the rest of my life.  Literally my worst nightmare.  However I don’t mind writing about Martellus Bennett who is hilarious.  Check out my thoughts on him turning down the White House invitation already.

I promise to be better in 2017, until tomorrow.





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