Remember my first post, Championship Weekend, well I was on the money for about half of my predictions.  What can I saw I know my Carolina Panthers and they came to whoop some Cardinal Ass.

However could I have been more wrong about the Broncos.  I called Peyton old(which I’m sticking to), not very accurate, and a waste of my viewing time this past season. Reflection is an amazing thing.  I first want to apologize to Peyton(sorry Peyton),he still has some kind of juice because he’s headed to Super Bowl 50.  Kudos to him and his team.  Did he play his best game, no but I overlooked his experience(18 years), and and really the supporting cast he has around him.  Do I think those things will give him a Super Bowl ring in his final year….NO,especially not with a 67.9 passer rating, but that’s a completely different blog post.  I mainly want to admit I was wrong…. and I can do that because this is my blog lol.

This blog is really a journey through my rise as a sports personality, and I know it will be flawed and bumpy, I admit to my flaws it makes me who I am, so sometimes if I feel I am wrong I’ll apologize.  Another mistake I discovered was my tag line; All Sports, No Fluff. When it comes down to it I like the Fluff, I like hearing the back stories on some of our sports heroes. Russell Wilson visits the Children Hospital’s with his glamazon girlfriend Ciara great, awesome, amazing.  That’s what makes these athletes more than gladiators placed in an arena for our fodder.  I was wrong to think eliminating those elements would make this blog appeal to the true sports fan. So folks get ready, I’m going to weigh in on every angle of sports(scandals and shaderoominc, I welcome you).   Some pieces might be sweeter than my grande, no whip, almond milk Mocha Latte(extra shot of espresso) but I am who I am, Not Your Average Sports Girl.  I will let you know when the fluff comes so you can quickly scan through or altogether ignore if you would like.

Fluff Alert!  Last Sunday my favorite Carolina Panthers player Thomas Davis broke his arm when the TE for Arizona came down on it wrong.  Yes that does suck, but Mr. Davis knows injury and he knows how to pound through it ( $5 starbucks gift card to someone who can name another athlete to come back from 3 ACL tears).  TD said that it would take hell and high water for him not to play on February 7th, mad respect and props to him.  So I ask that anyone following this blog at 5:58 each day just say a quick prayer for Mr. Davis. Let’s get him healed up and back out to ramming people into the ground.  Thanks and God Bless!.






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