NFL Wild Card Predictions Saturday

NFL Wild Card Predictions Saturday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No I am not suffering from a Christmas hangover as a matter of fact, you can call me Notorious AA or the Grinch.  I loathe the commercialization of the Christmas holiday more than February 14th, but I digress.  When that sweet little carol tune plays in my head I’m referencing the (holding in girlish giddy screams) NFL PLAYOFFS.  This is literally what the whole entire season is for, the training camps in ridiculously humid, hot, sweltering weather.  The behind the scenes locker room fights, sacrificing your body on the gridiron, missing your family for almost half a year.  Few make it (well 12 to be exact) and at the end of the playoff run, one will be crowned Super Bowl 52 Champion.

Each and every year when the Panthers debit my account for my PSL payment and season tickets, it declines….I kid I kid, it declines and then I move money over and we’re good.  Every year I think it’s all worth it to get that playoff feeling and after a year hiatus my boys are back. The teal and silver travel down to the Big Easy, a team that has handled our offense and defense in every game this year, but 3rd times a charm right?  While I will dedicate a brand new post tomorrow to my embattled Panthers taking on Drew Brees and his possible swan song, I’m only focused on today’s matchups between Titans/Chiefs and Rams/Falcons(you’re welcome from the Carolina’s)

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Marcus Mariotta led Titans are headed to Kansas City for battle with Travis Kelce,  Kareem Hunt, and Alex Smith.  The Chiefs (10-6) were so explosive at the beginning of the year and I expect with a home field advantage they will be in attack mode with QB Alex Smith possibly playing his final games in Kansas City.  A team that ranks 7th in passing yards and 9th in rushing yards is going to utilize all weapons this game.  That’s a problem for the Titans looking target RB Hunt. The Titans(9-7) have a tight run defense so I expect Kareem Hunt to have to work for each and every yard, but Smith is an underrated QB and can really air the ball out punishing the Titans for leaving him even a second too long in the pocket.  Defense won’t be enough to turn favor to the Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs 31 Tennessee Titans 17

 LA Rams vs Atlanta Falcons

The Los Angeles Rams(11-5) are hosting the Atlanta Falcons(10-6) for an exciting wild card matchup.  The Falcons who squeaked in thanks to Cam Newton and company are looking to extend their season based off of their highly touted defense and acclaimed DC Marquand Manuel.  Matt Ryan will be Matt Ryan, the problem is which Julio Jones will show up.  Jones, the leading receiver for the Falcons, also holds the record for most team drops this year.  Those drops have been costly for Atlanta especially in the red-zone.  Atlanta’s run defense is one of the fiercest in the land. The Falcons have allowed 23 points of fewer the last 6 games on pretty potent offenses.  Expect Goff and Gurley Inc not to be moved by the touted defense. These young guys are proving all preseason predictions wrong, Goff with 28 touchdowns on the season and Gurley with over 1300 rushing yards are out here having fun and expect to win this game.  Tickets are still available for the game ranging from $95-$195 and several concession items will be served in Ram Blue.

Los Angeles Rams 35 Atlanta Falcons 27


Check back tomorrow morning for my predictions for Sunday’s game and hold me accountable if I get completely embarrassed with my thoughts.


My thoughts on Duke and UNC as I watch Duke and UNC!

My thoughts on Duke and UNC as I watch Duke and UNC!

These are my running thoughts as I watch the UNC vs Duke game.  This is me raw and uninhibited.  It’s always fun to go back a read how bias I am as a Duke fan, verse me being a sports professional.  These are literally the thoughts that come into my head, only changes made are editing

  1. Kennedy Meeks needs to give up the beard if he can’t get a better connection.  That chin strap is struggling and will only get worse as he gets older.
  2. Speaking of Meeks I like Duke forcing him to defend one on one around the rim.  Great way to get him into foul trouble early in the game.  Crazy to root against this kid since I actually remember him being born.  I hope I get to cover him in the professional ranks one day.
  3. Jay Williams is legitimately one of the greatest college players of all time.  Hands time, shame he didn’t have a chance in the NBA but he has made some lemonade for reals.
  4. Allen is such a physical player is he helping or hindering with the ankle injury.  He brings shot range to the team, but his ability to cut inside to the basket is going to be hampered.
  5. Damn it Kinnard is special
  6. Is this Duke team the most disappointing?  With the talent we have, this should have been a year ranked in the top 10 consistently and they should have been looking to receive a 1 seed in the tournament.
  7. Should Duke try to make a run in the ACC or use it as practice and rest up at home and develop a stronger team Chemistry.  Realistically if the tournament doesn’t have a significant holding on your NCAA ranking and your team is ailing, is resting the best answer?  I assume whatever K decides is the right one because he is the Master of this game.
  8. If feel like this rivalry have lost alot of the flair due to players being one and done.  There’s no chance to develop the deep seeded animosity between players if their only around for a year.  This series needs at least 4-5 games invested to really feel the tension on the court.
  9. Luke Kinnard is such a great player and I don’t know if the country realizes this.  He does so much on the court.
  10. Justin Jackson has an awareness underneath the basket that is deadly for any team.  He plays almost like he is weightless.
  11. Duke has to have a presence underneath the basket, it kills us not to be able to drive to the basket or rebound underneath.
  12. Joel Berry looks like an athletic Jason Derulo and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing…..sorrynotsorry!
  13. I regret the nice thing I said about Joel Barry score is 40-39 Blue Devils
  14. The refs really trying to keep it interesting for the ratings I guess.  Eh its at UNC they need life breathed into the Dean Dome I guess
  15. I need to get back to trading stocks online…. good marketing dollars Charles Schwab.
  16. Not a flagrant foul on Allen, Robinson put himself in that position when he pushed off of Allen, however the game does have a physical element to it.  I would have called it that way on either side.  It is only being discussed because of Allen’s history.  Embrace the bad guy Grayson and keep playing.
  17. Damn it somebody who can guard pick up Berry, seriously 5 for freaking 5 come on man!
  18. Duke does not need to go into the half down by less than 4.  Not with the way Berry is playing, however not sure if he can sustain the hot hands.
  19. Kinnard yes!
  20. Watching this game on a 65in Samsung 4k Super HD television is the next best thing beside being there live.  The blue is so blue….really 5 secs. Bullshit

Ok  20 thoughts for 20 mins of basketball. I’m going to watch the rest of the game, with a beer. Good Night folks.

An hour and a half difference

An hour and a half could be the difference maker for the Charlotte Hornets.  That’s the amount of time they have to possibly make a trade and capitalize off the upcoming trade deadline.  The problem is the Hornets made trade, one of horrendous proportion  last month. It hasn’t paid off and left the budget in no man’s land. I don’t know why Rich Cho made the trade for Miles Plumlee, he was injured and wouldn’t make a immediate impact on a team that deeply needed energy and wins injected into their record. Plumlee is the the first year of a 50 million dollar deal, ugh that one stings.

Sitting at 24-32 I believe the Hornets are better off bowing out of the free agency for now and focusing on possibly a blockbuster deal this summer.  The Hornets more than likely will continue their 11 game skid locking up hopefully a Top 10 draft pick. Then maybe the only re accessing that needs to be done is the front office.  I will give Cho credit he brought Courtney Lee in at the right time to get the Hornets into playoff contention, but as it has been since 2002 the Hornets flamed out in the first round. Mediocrity seems to be accepted for this NBA organization and let’s be honest no matter how many times you change the name, these don’t feel like the Hornets of old.  The city deserves a Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, hell I’ll take a Vlade Divac (not the one that gives away DeMarcus Cousins).

I can’t say the Hornet are on the brink of losing the city because realistically they never had it, but in an hour in half if they can’t put together a deal that brings a scorer to the Charlotte, in the words of my good friend Elsa….”Let it Gooooooo”.  I’m not saying tank the season, but there’s not much sting left in Buzzcity.

Been Gone For A Minute

Been Gone For A Minute

I am so sorry, how dare I start this blog site and then not even follow through keeping my non existent fans entertained.  It has literally been over a year since I last posted.  So much has happened in the world of Sports.  My Panthers gave away the Super Bowl and then gave away the following season.  This year I went to the Pro Bowl I met the guy who single handled took the Super Bowl away from Cam Newton, Vonn Miller and I didn’t give him the finger, look at how much I have grown.

The funny thing is I’ve been writing people.  I did write ups for WFNZ and Power 98, so my opinions are out there, but I want to focus on my blog more so I’m back.

The Patriots won another Super Bowl, Brady brought his team back from being down 25 points to win his 5th Super Bowl and pretty solidify the fact, I will have to talk about him the rest of my life.  Literally my worst nightmare.  However I don’t mind writing about Martellus Bennett who is hilarious.  Check out my thoughts on him turning down the White House invitation already.

I promise to be better in 2017, until tomorrow.




Is it too late now to say sorry?

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Remember my first post, Championship Weekend, well I was on the money for about half of my predictions.  What can I saw I know my Carolina Panthers and they came to whoop some Cardinal Ass.

However could I have been more wrong about the Broncos.  I called Peyton old(which I’m sticking to), not very accurate, and a waste of my viewing time this past season. Reflection is an amazing thing.  I first want to apologize to Peyton(sorry Peyton),he still has some kind of juice because he’s headed to Super Bowl 50.  Kudos to him and his team.  Did he play his best game, no but I overlooked his experience(18 years), and and really the supporting cast he has around him.  Do I think those things will give him a Super Bowl ring in his final year….NO,especially not with a 67.9 passer rating, but that’s a completely different blog post.  I mainly want to admit I was wrong…. and I can do that because this is my blog lol.

This blog is really a journey through my rise as a sports personality, and I know it will be flawed and bumpy, I admit to my flaws it makes me who I am, so sometimes if I feel I am wrong I’ll apologize.  Another mistake I discovered was my tag line; All Sports, No Fluff. When it comes down to it I like the Fluff, I like hearing the back stories on some of our sports heroes. Russell Wilson visits the Children Hospital’s with his glamazon girlfriend Ciara great, awesome, amazing.  That’s what makes these athletes more than gladiators placed in an arena for our fodder.  I was wrong to think eliminating those elements would make this blog appeal to the true sports fan. So folks get ready, I’m going to weigh in on every angle of sports(scandals and shaderoominc, I welcome you).   Some pieces might be sweeter than my grande, no whip, almond milk Mocha Latte(extra shot of espresso) but I am who I am, Not Your Average Sports Girl.  I will let you know when the fluff comes so you can quickly scan through or altogether ignore if you would like.

Fluff Alert!  Last Sunday my favorite Carolina Panthers player Thomas Davis broke his arm when the TE for Arizona came down on it wrong.  Yes that does suck, but Mr. Davis knows injury and he knows how to pound through it ( $5 starbucks gift card to someone who can name another athlete to come back from 3 ACL tears).  TD said that it would take hell and high water for him not to play on February 7th, mad respect and props to him.  So I ask that anyone following this blog at 5:58 each day just say a quick prayer for Mr. Davis. Let’s get him healed up and back out to ramming people into the ground.  Thanks and God Bless!.





Championship Weekend

It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen. The two week countdown before the Big Game and it’s the “Final Four” Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers.  [ “Are you not entertained”.  Everyone with a mouthpiece has an opinion of who will come out victorious, but let’s look at the facts and then make a decision.  I’ll tell you now my thoughts will be flawed, clearly from my Gravatar I’m rocking with the Carolina Panthers, but I have $100 riding on that bet so please believe I have run over every option in my head.  So let’s look at the teams

  Is this Carson Palmer’s year to make it to the Big Game?  After looking at his shaky performance last week against the Green Bay Packers (two rough interceptions and sacked 3 times) 1. With CB Norman/Coleman and LB Kuechly/Davis those mistakes will turn into points on for the Panthers.  Palmer needs to be damn near perfect to make this a game.  Larry Fitzgerald is the player the Cards can hang there hopse on, I see him being a problem in the game.  He’s still athletic, tall, fast, and can leap out of the stadium.  Look for the Panthers to get creative on the field when covering Fitzgerald.  I think if Harper can keep a lid on Malcolm Floyd who he has dubbed a mini Fitzgerald then the Panthers can really neutralize the Cards offense.

Panthers will have an advantage with a QB who has committed no turnovers in his last game. Cam Newton is actually bigger than 70% of the Cardinals starting defense. The Panthers have every back in good health this week.  Johnathan Stewart was a beast last week with 106 rushing yards and 2 TDs. With our arsenal of “mediocre” receivers and a QB that can get mobile in any situation, my point goes to the Panthers. Definitely a hard fought game but at home Carolina will be just too much.

On to Broncos vs Patriots, this is going to seem cruel but damnit I don’t have time to be politically correct.  Peyton Manning is old and wasn’t even a factor last week vs Pitt.  It was all running game, and unfortunately, he ain’t going to get it vs. the Patriots D. Brady proved he’s willing to make sacrifices with his 10 yd and 1-yd TD run. The only thing Denver might have on their side is the elevation and using that with time of possession.  This again means that the Broncos have to work hard with keeping their offense on the field.   I just can’t fathom the Broncos coming out victorious and this is why there isn’t much chatter about the AFC Championship. I know it seems like my thoughts on the AFC are unfair and brief, but so was Peyton not retiring and junking up my television set. I would  to see the Broncos in another Big Game but that’s not happening so get prepared. Point Patriots.

I need feedback so let me know what you think.